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Who Made Leonardo DiCaprio Part 3/3 - Guest Blog #3

May 14, 2017

My name is Jack Parry and I am a film enthusiast. This is my three part blog about who made Leonardo DiCaprio - PART 3.


Leonardo DiCaprio's standard was set high after his mass appraisal and success in Scorsese's The Departed - as mentioned in Part 2, and live up to expectations he did in his later film Shutter Island - A psychological thriller based on the 2003 novel written by Dennis Lehane 'Shutter Island'.


(Still from Shutter Island, 2010)


Leonardo DiCaprio stars as U.S. Marshal Edward "Teddy" Daniels, who is investigating a psychiatric facility on the Titular Island. His performance in this film was widely applauded and was nominated for several 'best actor' awards. His role was similar to his acting in The Aviator as I would imagine Scorcese had seen the capability of DiCaprio in his portrayal of the germaphobic persona of his character 'Howard Hughes' in The Aviator. 'Howard' is a character that incur issues with mental illness, so my guess is that Scorsese saw the opportunity to develop the unstable aspect of a character and challenge DiCaprio with a more mind twisting and controversial role.


In turn, due to the fact DiCaprio starred in Scorsese’s The Aviator as the unstable “Howard” DiCaprio can draw from his experience and personal knowledge from the role to create a masterpiece in acting. Subsequently creating a film puzzling for the audience to interpret and really makes them question the stability and saneness DiCaprio's character 'Teddy Daniels'.


One interesting element; is that Leo stated; “this film was my most emotionally gruelling experience yet in front of the cameras” -you wait until The Revenant (2015) Leo- The experience Leo had would all be down to the clever directing of Martin Scorsese.


What I have found whilst writing about Scorsese is that there are reoccurring themes when it comes to DiCaprio. In an interview with Scorsese he was asked about working with the same crew like Leo, his editor, the director of photography, etc. He replied “We know each other very well. They know what I’m capable of, probably more than me. They know where to push, how far I can go with certain aspects”. The bond and trust that Scorsese has created in his team is what allows Scorsese’s productions to excel and really get the best out of everyone involved, especially Leonardo DiCaprio - creating some of the most popular unconventional films to date. 


Three blog posts deep about DiCaprio - this strikes the end of my three part series. To tie up my views on this unique duo I will say that: Martin Scorsese may not have given birth to Leonardo DiCaprio but as far as his development from a young prospect to a Hollywood walk of fame, he played a magnificent part. A similar story to the casting of Robert De Niro (another story). It seems that over the years Scorsese has slowly edged DiCaprio into more deeper and challenging roles which in turn has progressed his ability to become an Oscar winning actor. Who would have thought a Titanic pretty boy would go on to be amongst the Pacinos and Brandos as one of the greatest actors of all time.






















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It is incredible what the two have achieved since they're first film together in 2002 and Jack has thoroughly expressed what has been, arguably, one of the best director / actor relationships as of our time.


Big thank you to Jack Parry for being our guest blogger on this topic. 


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