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Dylan Munday: Spider-Man Homecoming - Guest Blog #5

April 3, 2017

My name is Dylan Munday and I am currently on work experience at Visual Line. The guys here have asked me to write a blog post about anything I want, so I thought I’d talk about my most anticipated film of the year: Spider-Man: Homecoming. 


I’ve always enjoyed watching superhero films and after Spiderman's appearance in Captain America: Civil War, I can’t wait for Tom Holland to return as the web swinging hero in his own film. The second trailer for the film was released recently, revealing more information about the film to get its fans excited for the release.


The Story:

With the second trailer released we can now see the direction the film maybe going in and this is what I’ve found exciting. By watching the trailer a few times you can see that Peter Parker has returned home after fighting with and against the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War and is now under Tony Starks instructions to remain as the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, and not go off fighting battles that are too big for him. Ignoring these words of advice, when trouble appears Peter can’t avoid trying to help as he takes on the Vulture and his men. It's clear the fight doesn't go as Peter had planned; the ferry is damaged and Iron Man is forced to intervene to prevent anyone from being hurt. After ignoring his advice, Tony Stark decides to take the new suit away from Peter and the rest of the trailer shows Peter fighting in his homemade Spider-Man Suit. The trailer leaves us to believe that Peter will fight the main battles with the Vulture with his homemade suit, but it may have just been edited this way. There is still lots to discover and with over three months until the film is released, there may be more information to come.


The New Suit:

Given to Perter by Tony Stark, we had a glimpse of what the suit could do in Captain America: Civil War. This included the smaller web shooters and the expressive eyes. Since the release of the new trailers, it is clear that the suit has a lot more to it than originally thought. To me, the biggest surprised was the spider drone coming out of the suits chest emblem. Is this a tool Spider-Man can use to track bad guys or is it something Tony Stark uses to help keep an eye on him.

 Another feature of the new suit that involves the chest emblem is the way Peter puts the suit on. In the first trailer we see Peter press the emblem and the suit goes from tight to baggy for a quick way to get the suit off. In the newest trailer we see Peter doing the opposite, putting the baggy suit on and pressing the emblem to tighten it. This makes is easier for Peter to quickly change in and out of his suit.



The suit also include a holographic map/projector that was shown in the latest trailer and in the after credits scene of Civil War. One of the big reveals of the first Homecoming trailer was that the suit did have web wings. These were not shown in Civil War so are a new addition to the suit for the film and will allow Spider-Man to glide. 


The Homemade suit:

Shown for the first time in Captain America: Civil War, the homemade suit is nothing compared to the upgrade given to him by Tony Stark. When comparing the suit originally shown in Civil War and looking at Peters old suit in the Homecoming trailer it appears that the two may be a little different. The eyes and the look of the suit have changed slightly so these may be modifications made by Peter after his upgraded suit is taken from him. The old suit includes the static eyes and the larger, more clunky web slingers.


 Tom Holland has received huge praise from Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn who said “I think Tom Holland is the best Spidey/Peter Parker ever by a country mile, it’s his own thing. He is to Spidey as Downey is to Iron Man, Ledger was to the Joker, Pratt is to Star-Lord.” Tom was also praised by Anthony Mackie saying “I think he’s going to be a kick-ass Spider-Man,” and that “I think he’s going to be the best Spider-Man yet.”  Spider-Man Homecoming is set to release on the 7th July and I cannot wait. 


Visual Line's Note:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Great blog post here by our newest team member Dylan! I for one am certainly excited about the new Marvel film!! 


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