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Technology Evolves, We Don't.

February 20, 2017

Apple recently announced at the 2016 Apple Conference the arrival of the new iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. And for some reason this made me realise technology is evolving rapidly and with huge advancements! Which may all seem good right now, as yes, it makes everyday life easier, it allows ease of communication, access to the worlds of information via the internet and creates a plethora of opportunities. Yet everything about technology playing a major part in our lives is condemning the natural evolution of mankind.


Deep? I say this because as a fellow human in 2017, we no longer have to learn how to write with a pen, read books, play board games or go out to meet people. Technology is a quicker and easier alternative to real life actions. Technology is keeping our youth from creating real-life experience like building things, travelling, exercising, playing outside with friends, and even as far as harvesting and hunting. The leaps in technological innovation have created a world where we don't have to do all of those manual pastimes. The digital equivalent is available, easier and sometimes cheaper! Gaming consoles, online chat, human-free factories, ready meals, microwaves, and supermarkets supplying everything.












Looking all the way back to times of hunting for survival does seem dire but it is relevant. Hunting, harvesting and building actual things by hand was (and still is!) a major part in human evolution. It made us stronger, fitter, smarter and more sustainable. Skip forward a few millennia; we can order our food on our phones to our doorstep and drive down the road to the shop for some ketchup. We don't do anything for ourselves anymore. Will, if we keep on like this for thousands of years, become fat mindless slobs!? Have you seen the film Idiocracy (2006)? - spot on.

Now I'm not saying scrap technology altogether, I know the benefits of having it and understand why it needs to continue – I won't go into that. But, I do believe that we need to educate our youth on the importance of real-life activities over technology. So instead of showing them a phone or tablet that they can have for their birthday, perhaps show them a football, bike, cookbook or anything to have real-life, intimate experiences. Playing at the park and meeting others, exploring in the countryside, building dens, growing things. They CAN grow up with real experiences ALONGSIDE technology to create a person who understands the values of life without technology and will also appreciate its necessity.


I personally believe this will have an immense impact on how our next generations will grow up to be.


The reasons behind my view on this topic has probably been derived from being fortunate enough to have had an amazing, active childhood. I spent most of my days after school, and on weekends, going down the field with my friends and playing football, tracker, bike rides, building dens and exploring woods. I had the best time and it kept me away from the gaming consoles, TV and hanging around in town, which many of my school friends only did. So I grew up with a mindset that was not focused on things you get taught in school - to eventually get a job you probably won't like. They drill that into you like it is life or death, but never actually teach you how to live. 


Things need to change. 


In case you are thinking, “well you wrote this on technology” I wrote this on paper, by hand, in a coffee shop that I rode to, on my bike, then later typed. #life



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