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October 24, 2016

For this week's blog I wanted to start with a quote about business - success or failure, that could sum up how Visual Line became.

But after searching for the good part of an hour I could not find one fitting, and that struck did we do it? Not by the books. The idea of starting a business seems daunting doesn't it? But take our word when we say ANYONE CAN DO IT! 


Visual Line was born in my bedroom on my laptop. I'll go step by step. We had to decide on a business name - THE HARDEST PART!- we had to choose a simple name we liked, one that was not already taken, and that the domain name (web address) for the website was not expensive... it took many hours and cups of tea to decide on Visual Line. 




The Logo...A MUG! Why a mug?

We went through many different designs, all made in my bedroom on Photoshop. Of course we couldn't decide, we wanted something simple, with a line (Visual LINE) that didn't restrict us to video. Hours passed, we were close to giving up for the day...then as we were finishing our last mug of tea we about a mug? At first we thought that its a silly idea but then it’s the silly ideas that stick – like Apple with the apple, Nike with the tick, so why not Visual Line with the mug? 

We began to developing our social media sites; it is important, more important than you might think. Social media is the foothold of our online marketing strategy and our storytelling. When it comes to communicating with our clients social media is on par with our website and emails. It has allowed us to talk to people directly and instantly, feature our clients and their pages in our posts and support other local businesses through our pages. We hit 400 likes on our Facebook page; I know that doesn't seem like a lot right now but it's a big thing! A big part of this was a particular video: Dover by Night – with near to 30k views, 522 shares and 500 likes! This gave our page a massive boost, gaining over 200 likes that week! We try to keep our content simple, relevant and above all interesting!

This is only part of our journey - but it’s how we were started. We will continue to tell our story as  it is being written. As each development is made a new chapter is added.


Our only advice to people wanting to do something they love for a living is - DO IT!


If YOU would like to post something like this on our site please contact - we would love to hear your ideas!


Please feel free to check out our social media and Youtube; if you liked this post please leave a comment or feel free to share it any where you please.






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October 24, 2016

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