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Magpie Studios - Ashford

Mixing Console
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Lana Banana Studios houses three tracking rooms in an 'L' shape around a dedicated control room, with a large private studio garden, accessible via both the control room and kitchen. The studio has a reputation for producing a sound that is truly unique and outstanding. With a wealth of experience and a studio team that is knowledgable and friendly, producing a live session with Lana Banana Studios is relaxing, professional and easy. We have been proudly working with the studio since early 2017 covering a range of recordings.

the gear

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The 'Loud' Room, as we like to call it, is tailored for versatility, but excels with all things acoustic. Our outstanding and reputable drum sound is captured in this very room, along with the likes of vocals, acoustic guitars, & voice-over scripts.

For anything acoustic, however, The 'Loud' Room is the ideal choice.


The Piano Room houses our 1970's Kemble upright piano, but as well as live piano, this space can also cater for the recording of guitar amplifiers and MIDI.​

The Jukebox Room features our legendary upright free-play Jukebox, and is generally used for amp/cab isolation when tracking live bands.​



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