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Magpie Studios - Ashford

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Anchor Baby Recording Company is set in it's own peaceful garden, overlooking one of the most picturesque areas of the Kent countryside. It consists of a large live room (4m x 5m), a large panelled booth, huge control room (8m x 5m), machine room, lobby, kitchen and bathroom. This vast studio space makes the studio a great location if you have a large band but would still like to involve all members in the live session. The studio offers a unique sound unlike many others combining the best of iconic, vintage and new technologies. 

the gear

Singer on Stage
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Sound equipment


1988 DDA DMR12. This is a large format 88 input vintage analogue console with upgraded op amps and fantastic sounding mic pre's.



MOTU HD192 AD/DA Converters x 2






EISEN AUDIO API 312 CLONE / GAP 1073 CLONE and 573 EQ/ RIGG 001 custom made 2 channel Neve style mic pre with Lundahl transformers / SHURE M67 vintage custom modded 4 channel mic pre, used to record Woodstock in 1969 / AUDIENT ASP008  8 channel mic pre.



Custom designed, water-cooled quad core PC, 32gb RAM. Running Cubase Pro9.5, with plugins from Waves, Slate Digital, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Stillwell Audio, SSL, API, Abbey Road, Andrew Scheps and hundreds more.


  • Gretsch Catalina Club Rock, 5 piece kit with mahogany shells. Sizes are 26" kick, 13" rack tom, 16" floor tom, 18" floor tom.

  • TAMA Starclassic, 5 piece kit with birch shells. Sizes are 22" kick, 10" rack tom, 12" rack, 14" floor tom.

  • TAMA Superstar. 5 piece kit. Sizes are 22" kick, 12" and 13" rack toms, 16" floor tom.

  • Various snares from Orange County Custom Drums, Pacific Custom Drums, Gretsch, Tama, Hollywood by Meazzi (vintage 1960's), Pearl Sensitone, Premier, Mapex Black Panther.


  • Condenser:

  • Neumann U87 (available on request)

  • AKG C414 B-ULS x 1

  • Aston Origin x 2

  • Octava MK012 x 2 matched pair

  • Octava MK419 x 1

  • SE Titan x 2

  • Rode NT5 x 4  (2 matched pairs)

  • Shure SM7b x 2

  • Shure SM57 x 4

  • Shure Beta57 x 1

  • Shure SM58 x 5

  • Shure Beta 52 x 1

  • Electrovoice ND/468 x 2

  • Sontronics Halo x 1

  • Sennheiser e604 x 5

  • Sennheiser MD421 x 2

  • Sennheiser MD21 (1960's) x 1

  • Audix i5 x 1

  • Audix D6 x 1

  • Heil PR48 x 1

  • Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon mic

  • SE R1 ribbon mic

  • Shure Beta91 boundary mic

  • 3 x Pye Tulip 1950's mics


  • Gibson Les Paul Standard (1997)

  • Gibson SG Special - heavily customised with Bigsby trem &

  • Seymour Duncan P-rail pickups

  • PRS SE Custom 24

  • Fender Jazzmaster (Jap 2010)

  • Fender Telecaster (Jap 1989) fitted with Seymour Duncan Little 59 bridge pickup

  • Fender Telecaster '72 Custom (reissue) fitted with Kent Armstrong Hotrail bridge pickup

  • Fender Toronado (1998) - very rare

  • Jedson Les Paul (Jap 1974) - very rare

  • Kay Effector (late 70's) - very rare, with fully overhauled FX section and upgraded Tonerider pickups

  • Teisco SSL 4-L 1960's guitar with 4 x Goldfoil pickups

  • Danelectro Baritone guitar

  • Martin acoustic guitar

  • Fender Precision Bass (Roger Waters Signature) with Seymour Duncan SPB3 pickup

  • Fender Jaguar Bass w/SPB3 and SJB3 pickups

  • Fender Jazz Bass fitted with SPB3 and SJB3 pickups

  • Ibanez acoustic bass

  • Ovation acoustic bass


  • Marshall JCM800 2205 50w valve head

  • Marshall JCM900 2500 SL-X 50w valve head

  • SKOG JCM800 clone, 50w valve head

  • Laney GH50L 50w valve head

  • Cornford RK100 valve amp head

  • Laney Supergroup 100w vintage valve amp head

  • Laney Klipp 100w vintage valve amp head

  • Peavey 6505 100w valve amp head

  • Peavey XXL solid state amp head

  • WEM Dominator III 15w 1970's valve guitar 

  • Sound City L120 120w valve head

  • Selmer SV Treble n' Bass 50w valve head 

  • Selmer SV Treble n' Bass 100w valve head 

  • Fender Concert Rivera series 2x10 valve guitar 

  • Fender Quad Reverb 4x12 valve guitar combo 

  • Vox AC30 2x12 guitar combo

  • Selmer Futurama 3w transistor combo

  • 2 x H/H IC100 guitar/bass amp heads.

  • Maine 100w transistor guitar/bass amp head

  • Cornford 4x12 speaker cab

  • Orange 2x12 speaker cab loaded with Celestion

  • Fender Deluxe 1x12 speaker cab

  • Orange 8x10 guitar cab

  • Hiwatt 4x12 bass cab

  • Ampeg Heritage Series handwired bass head

  • Ampeg SVT 4 Pro, rackmounted bass head

  • Ampeg SVT200T vintage bass amp head

  • Orange 4x10 and 1x15 speaker cabs

  • Ampeg 1540HE 4x10/1x15 vintage bass cab

  • Ampeg 4x10 half cab

  • Leslie 825 speaker cab


  • EVENT ASP8 midfields

  • Yamaha NS10-M nearfields (mk1 1978) powered by a QUAD 303 amp.


  • Cresswell, Ball and Co upright piano.

  • HH P73 electric piano (1970's) - Rhodes style

  • Diamond 600 combo organ

  • MicroKorg

  • Hammond organ w/Leslie cab

  • M-Audio MIDI keyboard

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